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You Will Be Able To Call Via Broadband Connection Without Sim

You will soon be able to use home and office broadband to make calls to landline and mobile numbers. Telecom operators and telephony licensing companies will be providing a new mobile number, which will not require a SIM card. The government has approved the proposal to allow internet telephony.

Telecom operators and telephony licensing companies will give you a new mobile number. This will not require sim, but you have to download the telephony app. The telecom authority had brought this proposal to benefit all telecom operators and unleash a new wave of user-friendly initiatives.

TRAI consultant Arvind Kumar said that this measure will benefit the users by offering new connectivity options. This will prove to be the most beneficial in those areas where conventional telecom signals are weak.

Pitching the idea of internet calling as a cost-effective alternative of voice calls, TRAI has claimed, “This will increase the call success rate, particularly in poor coverage areas where public internet may be available but signal of a particular telecom company is not available.”

An officer said that in order to take advantage of internet telephony, users will need to download the app that the operator offers. After this the user will be provided with a 10 digit number which will be similar to any other mobile/telephone number.

Yes, we can say that Whatsapp, Skype and other apps already provide Internet calling facility, which uses the Internet for calls. However, with the allowance of Internet telephony, it is expected that the users will opt for telecom operators as they will be providing a unique 10-digit number, which is not provided by Whatsapp or any other messenger apps.


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