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Water Crisis In Shimla, No Special Treatments For VIP, Says High Court

Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla has been facing a severe shortage of water for the last eight days, because of which people are facing difficulties for drinking water.

Water crisis is so much that people have to stand in queue outside malls or road for water. Due to lack of water, people’s anger is also seen on the streets, they demonstrated outside the Chief Minister’s house. They alleged that the water from their part is being given to VIP homes and big hotels.

The hotel operators are very troubled by water shortage. Due to the tourist seasons all the hotels in the city are filled with tourist. On the other hand, the supply of water in the hotel is stalled.

The Himachal Pradesh High Court has told Shimla Municipal Corporation that no special arrangement of water should be provided for minister, MLA, judge, police officer or other VIP peoples, try to get water to everyone. The High Court has given this order to Shimla Municipal Corporation on Tuesday.

Court has ordered ban on the construction work and the washing of vehicles for a week. Through the social media, tourists have also been requested to not visit Shimla for some days. For the first time in Shimla, water crisis is at such a large level. Due to lack of water for 8 days, in many places tourists have been requested to return back.

The biggest reason for falling water supply in Shimla is drying of water in the Giri and Gumma water schemes and less rainfall. It is being told that the water in Shimla comes from Gumma, Giri, Ashwini Khad and Siog. From here, 65 million liters of water comes every day, Shimla consumes about 45 million liters of water every day but the city is getting 35 million water only, because a large amount of water are wasted before reaching to peoples.


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