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Unai Emery Is The New Arsenal Boss

Arsenal Football announced on Wednesday their new manager to the world Unai Emery, the former PSG Boss was given the successor role to Arsene Wenger who left the club after 22 years.

Unai Emery seems to be a good choice he is known to be a good man manager with aggressive style of coaching who can adapt to different style rather than philosophy. He knows a lot about current player which always helps.

Unai coaching cv is impressive too as he took PSG to domestic titles he also won Europa League with Valencia and Sevilla. His skills as coach is never in doubt.

Emery knows it’s not an easy job to successed arsenal as club has slowly gone down and he has to rebuild a squad with more talent, having said that Unai have only 50M in next summer’s transfer window.

Arsenal Fans all over the world has taken the news in a positive way they have already expressed happiness with new head coach announcement.


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