That Gut Feeling

Gut has long been the ignored part of the health puzzle. Technically speaking, it is short form of Gastrointestinal tract. In simple terms, the path of our food from mouth to anus. Scientist are increasingly finding the secret of our holistic health lies inside us, within our gut. There are billions of bacteria that live inside our gut, who work hard, day and night to process food that we eat. It is a mutually supportive relationship, we depend on bacteria to generate energy out of food and they depend on us for life. These bacteria are responsible for maintaining the acidity in our bodies, the more acidic we become, the sicker we get. It is when these bacteria start to lessen in our bodies, we start to feel sick and even develop diseases like cancer and tumors in any part of the body, not just stomach.

There are many reasons why these bacteria start to die. Usual culprits like infection contracted, poor diet, less sleep, stress and so on. This means our health is literally inside our stomach and in our hands. We decide whether to be healthy or cry sick all our lives.

So how to get healthy number of gut bacteria in our bodies. Eat healthy and refuse all junk food. So, the theory ‘a bit everything in moderation is good’ goes out of the window. Our bodies must never ever go through the torture of digesting colas, processed biscuits, sugar laden snacks, MSG loaded chips and extra salty snacks. Good gut bacteria don’t like it at all, they die a fast-painful death coming in contact with such chemicals disguised as food and marketed to us as cool lifestyle choice. Instead we should choose raw veggies and fruits, wholemeal grains, dairy and good fat in moderation. Basically, everything that nature has given us without mucking around with it much. If looking for something that acts as catalyst for gut bacteria, they are naturally fermented vegetables, plain curd & yogurt, apple cider vinegar.

Lack of sleep and rest, stressful life is next best way of killing gut bacteria. This clearly explains the role of yoga and meditation in improving overall well-being of human body. We need deep 6-8 hours of sleep at night. Sleeping during the day is detrimental for non-nocturnal species like humans. Our bodies are synchronised with the cycle of Sun and Moon – Day and night. This comes naturally to our hormonal system, consequently our genes. Any long-term interference with this will only produce disastrous results, something of what we are seeing in our world today.

There is obesity epidemic, diabetes and blood pressure problems have become a way of life. Infertility and mental issues are everywhere. Heart issues and cancer incidences are at an all-time high. We are living longer but quality of life has drastically reduced. It is time we started looking towards mother nature for the solution and give that much needed Tender Loving Care to our gut bacteria. Its time we paid attention to THAT GUT FEELING


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