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Karnataka elections: Narendra Modi Took A Dig On Sonia, Speeches Cannot Fill Empty Stomachs, Says Sonia Gandhi

Congress and the BJP are attacking each other to woo the voters for Karnataka elections on May 12. After nearly a two-years break Sonia Gandhi is campaining in the Mumbai-Karnataka region where she addressed a rally in Vijayapura.

While addressing an election rally in Bijapur on Tuesday, Sonia Gandhi attacked on the PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. She said that there is a ghost of Congress free India on PM Modi.

“Modi ji pe Congress mukt bharat ka junoon hai. But leave aside Congress, he can’t tolerate anyone,” said Sonia Gandhi.

Gandhi alleged every section of society was in distress. “Is this your promise of acche din?” she said.

Sonia ends her speech with chants of ‘Jai hind, Jai Karnataka’.

“During elections, Modi ji comes with hollow promises and spreads hatred. But I am confident that you will see through this and re-elect Congress for inclusive governance,” says Sonia.

Sonia said that if the country could progress on Modi’s speeches, she would be happy. “I’ll be happy if his speeches can end hunger of the country but speeches cannot fill empty stomachs, food is needed for that. We need dal chawal, we need hospitals,” she says.

The Congress president said Modi broke his promise of generating employment. “Karnataka is ahead of other states in terms of job creation. In the next five years, one crore youth in Karnataka will gets jobs,” he promises.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday also took a dig at the Congress and said, “If you bring the mother (Sonia) to Karnataka and she does something, then maybe the deposits can be saved. This is what Congress leaders have started speaking.”

”Congress only thinks about its own welfare. They do not care about farmers. We are committed to welfare of farmers. We have decided to increase MSP of notified crops by 1.5 times,” PM Modi said at a rally in Vijayapura.

”Why is it that farmers of Karnataka face shortage of water? The Congress government, being in ‘sleep mode’, is doing nothing to address their problems. In five years, they ruined the farmers of Karnataka,” PM Modi said.

Modi says the people of Karnataka have decided to punish the Congress in the elections. What has the Congress done for the farmers of Karnataka? When the state was suffering due to droughts, ministers handling key portfolios were busy in Delhi doing politics.


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