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Google announced Strict New Policies For Election Ads

After the recent Facebook data leak controversy, all the tech giants in the world have begun to take cognizance of their data and users private information. After Facebook and Twitter, Google has now become strict on the Political Ad. Google is in the process of issuing new guidelines regarding the clients offering political Ad. Under which, in United States the clients who gave political Ad will be examined intensely. Along with this, the identity card issued by the government will be asked for identity.

”The company will sign a disclosure with Political Ad,” company said with giving information through a blog post. With this Google is preparing to build a library of all such ads soon, so that people can easily find all such ads at a one place easily. Google is preparing to bring transparency with political Ad in the future. So that users can easily understand the differences between Ad and general content.

As TechCrunch reports, the tech titan has rolled out strict new policies for election ads, which require advertisers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they actually live in the United States:

Google announced on Friday a new set of policies around how it will verify election advertisers in the U.S. Specifically, any advertiser who want to buy an election ad on Google in the U.S. will now have to go through additional verification to prove they are a citizen or lawful permanent resident, as required by law. This process will involve having to provide a government-issued I.D. and other key information, Google says, and will roll out this week.


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