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Delicious Samosa’s History

Samosa is a wonderful dish and in India people are crazy for eating samosas with chutney.  You go to any part of India, shape-type may be different, but samosa surely you will get there. You enjoy its taste but you have noticed some interesting things related to this Samosa. Do you know where it came from?

In India, Samosa came from a Middle East country. Abolfazl Beyhaqi, an Iranian historian also mentioned this in his book. He wrote in Tarikh-e-Beyhaqhi that Samosa reached Central Asia from Iran in 13th or 14th century. There it was called ‘Sambosa’.

Originally named samsa, after the pyramids in Central Asia, historical accounts also refer to it as sanbusak, sanbusaq or even sanbusaj, all deriving from the Persian word, sanbosag.

Amir Khusro also discussed about samosa. He wrote that in that period the royal family used to make this dish with meat, ghee and onions.

The triangular shaped, crispy, deep-fried snack with spicy potato mash filling served with green chilly. I think samosa is a snack noone can say no for it. You will find a samosa vendor in almost every galli(street) in the city. Our love affair with samosa begins when we have it offered on our paper plates at birthday parties to when we can afford to buy samosas in very cheap price.

From Egypt to Libya and from Central Asia to India, the stuffed triangle, garnered immense popularity. In Hyderabad and other parts of south India, it is made from meat or other non-vegetarian items.

Apart from India, you will also find Samosa in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Brazil, East Africa, Portugal, Israel and Indonesia with a little difference.

Samosa has globalized and has become a most popular snack everywhere. From a rich family to poor everybody is crazy, because samosa is the gorgeous snack. Ofcourse these samosas are and will always continues to serve the world and keep its deliciousness in our hearts.


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