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Delhi Archbishop Writes Letter For Special Prayer Before 2019 Election

Bigotry has risen sharply in the country. The political situation in the country is also becoming discomfort because of this. In the deteriorating environment of the country, archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi has written a letter to the priests of all the churches. This letter has created a political hoax.

Archbishop has told all the priests in his letter that the political situation of the India has remained unsteady. Not only this, the archbishop has also appealed the priests to pray and fast on Friday for the 2019 general elections. He wrote in his letter that the country is passing through a very delicate situation. The current political environment has become a threat for secularism of our country.

The matter of praying for the elections of 2019 is now taking political colour. Minority Affairs Minister MA Naqvi said, ”The Prime Minister is working towards reducing partiality on religion and caste in the country. We are just talking about progressing and thinking with progressive mindset.”

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said on the matter that- “I have not seen the letter, but I want to say that India is a part of the few countries where the minority is safe. He said that no one is partialities in the name of religion and caste”.

On this letter, Archbishop Secretary of Delhi, Father Robinson, said that there was nothing political in the Anil’s letter nor did he speak anything against the government and the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Wrong information about the letter is being spread and circulated. He said that in that letter, only regular prayer has been said and such letters have been written earlier.

After the BJP minister’s statement the Archbishop Anil who wrote the controversial letter said, ‘What else will I talk about? Elections and governments worry us. We have to be a government that works for the people, rights and welfare of the Christian community. I am not interfering in bi-partisan politics. We are just praying that the nation should walk in the right direction.


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