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BS Yeddyurappa Submits Resignation Without Facing The Floor Test

After three days of political confrontation in Karnataka, Yeddyurappa declared his resignation within the assembly before the majority test. The BJP did not see the majority figure in the Assembly,  sp Yeddyurappa’s move came after it became clear that he would fail to prove majority in the house.

The Congress-JDS alliance will again make a claim to form the government as they had the required majority number to prove majority on the floor of the house. Apart from this, the Governor may also invite him to form the government.

”We are waiting for invitation from the Governor’s House,” he said, when asked when he will take oath as Chief Minister.

BJP, with 104 seats, was seven short of the required number of 111.

The Congress with 78 MLAs, the JD(S) with 36 and three others were also individually not in a position to form the government.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed the media after BJP leader Yeddyurappa’s resignation ahead of the floor test.

“Today it has been proved that the country’s institutions are bigger which murder accused Amit Shah should realise… And my message to the prime minister will also be that he should understand that he is not bigger than India, he is not bigger than the institutions of this country, that he is not bigger than our democracy. But I do not think he will understand this as he has been schooled all his life in the RSS ideology, which teaches him not to take any institution more seriously than the RSS,” Rahul said.

“Democracy wins. Congratulations Karnataka. Congratulations DeveGowda Ji, Kumaraswamy Ji, Congress and others. Victory of the ‘regional’ front (sic),” West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in a tweet.

“Today is the day of victory for the Opposition instead of money power. Those who claim to buy everybody have got this lesson today that there are still people left in India’s politics who do not consider politics as business like them. The central government should resign on moral grounds,” Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav tweeted.

Congress had also shared an audio tape of an alleged conversation between Yeddyurappa and a Congress MLA, alleging the BJP MLA of bribing him. This was the third such tape released by the Congress alleging BJP leaders of trying to bribe Congress MLAs.


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