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Army Finalises Rs 15000 Crore Ammunition Production Project

The Indian Army approved the construction project of 15,000 crores on Sunday. In this project, weapons and tanks with hi-tech technology will be constructed in the India itself. The Government is doing this by looking at the delay in imports of arms. Due to this project, the army will not face any shortage of arms in the 30-day continuous war.

11 private companies will be involved in this ambitious project, which is being monitored by the top levels of army and defence ministry.

“The total cost of the project is Rs. 15,000 crore and we have set a specific target for the next 10 years in the quantity of ammunition” a senior government official said involved in the project, he refused to give further details.

One source said that initially, ammunition will be produced under “strict timeline” for rocket, air defense system, artillery guns, infantry warfare vehicles, grenade launchers and many other field weapons.

Production targets will be modified as a result of the first phase of implementation of the program. This initiative is seen as the first serious effort by the government to address the growing concerns raised by the defense forces on the fast-decreasing reserves of serious ammunition.

Considering the security threats developed in this area, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is pressurizing to track the purchase of weapons and ammunition for the world second largest permanent army.

The official said, “Indigenization of the ammunition project will be such a big event in decades.”

In July last year, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India said in a report that in the 152 types of ammunition only 61 was available, and it would remain for only 10 days during war. According to the security protocol, stockpile should be sufficient for a month long war.

Sources said that long delays in the imports of ammunition and after those step by step procedure barriers had put bad effect on defence preparation for any war.

In the last few years, it is being termed as the largest project to build arms in the country. After China’s increase in its military expenditure, India also felt its need.


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