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6 Steps To Squeaky Clean Liver

Each one of us should aim for a clean and healthy liver. Liver is the one and only motor running our body. If it is clogged with fat and toxins, it will struggle to squeeze energy out of food and will convert bulk of it into fat. Fatty liver is more common than we anticipate. A clean and efficient liver helps guard the body from infection attacks, balance hormones and alkalinise the body. So how do approach the journey towards clean liver. Doctors cannot help much here, it is the lifestyle and everyday habit that counts.

Modern lifestyle in this industrialised world is laced with stress, pill popping, exposing vulnerable bodies to infections & diseases, stale & processed food, eating too quickly, random eating and sleeping patterns. It is difficult to maintain the slow and easy pace that our genes are meant to enjoy, but small changes can move the journey forward, if not take us to the destination, so here are 6 steps to healthy liver-

1. Never stay hungry – Staying hungry is the best way to mess with your liver. When we are hungry, body gets into panic mode. In SoS mode, it starts to conserve food in form of fat. It slows down the metabolic rate and starts to collect toxic material. Toxins are majorly stored in liver. It takes a lot of time and effort to clear liver of these toxins. So, in the benefit of your liver never stay hungry for long. Fasting is good but fast should incorporate eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, coconut water, dairy and easing the pace of life.

2.Eliminate all packaged food & drinks from diet – If smoking comes with caution because it is dangerous, illicit drugs are illegal because they are bad, colas and soft drinks should be banned from edible stuff list, they are both, bad & dangerous. All the packaged chemicals, marketed to unsuspecting humans, as cool food is catastrophic for liver. When encountered with foreign substances like monosodium glutamate, artificial flavours, preservatives, colours and hyper dried food, liver has no idea how to treat it. Toxins in them rent liver as their home, encroaching on larger spaces as more of them keep coming in, soon there remains no space for good stuff to happen.

3.Reduce alcohol intake to standard 1-2 drinks a week – Apart from the moral issues of abusing alcohol, it is bad for liver. Small amount of naturally processed wine or beer may be ok for body. But hard liquor with more than 2.4 % alcohol content is too harsh on liver. It leaves residue in form of toxins, again cluttering the liver with bad stuff.

4.Drink water lots of it – Water is the magic potion that washes off the toxins from the body, majorly from liver and kidneys. It dilutes the concentrated poison and makes it easy for kidneys to flush it out. Water can never replace any other natural or artificial drink. Water is not coconut water or Gatorade or cola., water is water, absolutely essential for our body.

5.Raw to minimum processed food – We should eat as close to earth as possible. In other words, we should process the food minimum and let our digestive system do the rest. Our genes have not changed for millions of years since our evolution, but our eating patterns and lifestyles have changed drastically. We need to close the gap for healthy and happy liver

6.Exercise regularly – when working out, heart works hard to pump the blood in all the nooks and corner of the body. This fast-flowing blood gushes out the toxins hiding in random places in the body. Sweat clears the body of the nasties. When toxins leave the body, liver feels happy and the happier it is, the stronger it gets, to throw the unwanted guests out.

Let’s toast to a happy liver, with water, that is.


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