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Most Indians Non-Vegetarian: Men More Than Women

The Modi government is promoting vegetarianism in the country according to their ideology. Recently Indian Railways on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary implemented vegetarian menu on all trains. In the current crackdown, UP government also rounded up many illegal slaughterhouses and several meat shops. In many parts of the country there has been a lot of controversy over […]

Food & Recipes Lifestyle News

Delicious Samosa’s History

Samosa is a wonderful dish and in India people are crazy for eating samosas with chutney.  You go to any part of India, shape-type may be different, but samosa surely you will get there. You enjoy its taste but you have noticed some interesting things related to this Samosa. Do you know where it came from? […]

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6 Steps To Squeaky Clean Liver

Each one of us should aim for a clean and healthy liver. Liver is the one and only motor running our body. If it is clogged with fat and toxins, it will struggle to squeeze energy out of food and will convert bulk of it into fat. Fatty liver is more common than we anticipate. […]

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